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The 'Porno puppets' idea was born eight years ago (1997) when Gerald B. Balding was touring the U.S. as a circus performer.

Returning back to the U.K. for the past five years he has been touring the Midlands with a British circus in the summers; the end of the 2004 tour saw him team-up with fellow circus performer Luca Garcia. The goal of developing the 'Porno Puppets' concept into a viable and highly innovative show finally seemed attainable...

They both decided early on that various mediums would be used. The concept would include two separate but complementary types of puppets: String and Rod. In addition; a portion of the performance would be 'live' in the guise of a 'talk show' while the rest would be projected on a screen as a black and white 'Blue Movie'; the action going back and forth between the two...

It was then time to head for the workshop and build everything from a variety of puppets to the multiple elements of the sets. The workshop was then turned into a film and sound studio and nine months later... "The Avion Lady" black and white movie was born to be completed soon afterwards by the live colour presentation of "The Delicia Show"

We hope your curiosity and libido have both been teased and wish you happy discoveries in 'Porno Puppets' Land.

Warning: "The Delicia Show" and "The Avion Lady" contain material of a sexually explicit nature and must be viewed by a mature audience.
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